Say No To White Supremacy on News Talk 770 CHQR

Goal: 800

Caylan Ford was a star candidate for Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party until she resigned in disgrace.

In now public messages she expressed anxiety over “the replacement of white peoples in their homelands” and suggested “Western culture” would collapse if “another race” takes over in Europe and North America. She also added  “it’s clear that it will not be a peaceful transition.”

This is white supremacy and Islamophobia and it must not be allowed to flourish in Alberta. This poisonous ideology is why the mosque shooters in Quebec and New Zealand committed their atrocities. And Caylan Ford has still not apologized for or explained her remarks. All this despite the fact that she was interviewed for 45 minutes by radio host Danielle Smith on 770AM CHQR on Friday, March 29. 

Not once did Danielle Smith repeat or say those remarks on air nor did she ask Caylan Ford to explain or apologize for them. This is a shocking derelicion of journalistic duty. Smith's subsequent "apology" was transparently self-serving and further legitimized Ford's comments. If you normalize white supremacy there must be consequnces. And that is why we are asking you to send a message. 

Email Danielle Smith and her superiors to let them know that you will not stand for radio hosts who legitimize and normalize racism on the airwaves. Let them know that you will not stand for radio hosts who give a massive, uncritical platform to white supremacist ideas and who are happy to let white supremacists deflect and obfuscate. 

  • Danielle Smith used her massive platform on public airwaves to legitimize dangerous Islamophobic and white supremacist myths in her interview with Caylan Ford
  • White supremacist myths like "white replacement" and "white genocide" must be challenged and fought not contextualized, explained and obfuscated
  • Danielle Smith must face serious consequences for giving a platform to white supremacist views
  • If corrective action isn't taken we can and will escalate to a larger campaign and look at targeting her advertisers

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