Fix the broken review process for the TransMountain pipeline

We have until October 3rd to demand a proper review for the TransMountain pipeline. Now that the Federal Court of Appeal quashed Trudeau’s approval of the TransMountain expansion, the assessment of the project must start again at square one. Let's make sure they get it right this time.

Demand that the National Energy Board (NEB) re-do the review with full consideration for TransMountain’s impacts on the climate, marine environment, and First Nations consent.

Our movement’s successfully pushed the NEB to consider the impacts of climate change during the Energy East pipeline review. We can do it again. And so can the NEB. The National Energy Board is accepting public comments on the reconsideration process for the TransMountain expansion until October 3rd (read more here) and they're not making it easy for us. Instead of asking for comments by email they've asked for submissions via fax or an 8 page online form.

Clearly it's not just the NEB’s processes that are stuck in the past -- their technology is too. Luckily, we’ve set up a system that can send your comments by fax with just one click.

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