A single message to a Member of Parliament is effective. It represents a vote – the key to any Member of Parliament keeping their job. Any politician will tell you that every vote counts, and that’s certainly true. But if one message and one vote matters, imagine the strength of hundreds or thousands of messages!

In collaboration with volunteers across the country, Federal Retirees will deliver these budget priorities to all 338 Members of Parliament.

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Federal Retirees recommendations:

That this government will help Canadians build better retirement security, honour the promises made to retirees when pension plans are changed, and continue improving CPP and OAS.  A good first step in achieving this is the immediate withdrawing of Bill C-27.

That the federal government follow through on the Budget 2018 commitment to consult on retirement security, to ensure our current retirement savings regimes are effective and that Canadians’ retirement security needs are met. Hold public, transparent consultations by spring 2019 with retiree and pensioner organizations; veterans; academics; policy experts; labour and business leaders, and others, to map Canada’s path to retirement security.

Quick facts:

  • Retirees are important to our economy – and their income security is as much a benefit to their community and our country as it is to them.
  • Retirees continue to make big purchases, travel and volunteer countless hours in their communities.
  • Defined benefit pension plans are the most effective way of achieving retirement income security.
  • Retirees with defined benefit pensions are active consumers, significantly contributing to the economy through their purchases and the taxes paid on them.
  • Retirees with defined benefit pensions are less likely to rely on government assistance.
  • Solid retirement income security brings better health status and better outcomes, lessening demand on our health care system.
  • In addition to the benefits to the retiree, defined benefit pension plans are large investors in the Canadian economy – in everything from real estate to roads and airports.
  • Bill C-27 threatens retirement income security, allowing defined benefit pension plans to be changed to target benefit plans – even after retirement.
  • Bill C-27, effectively, allows employers to break their pension promises to their employees – and employees could end up with much less in retirement than they had expected and planned for.
  • Federal Retirees members have sent over 45,000 emails to the Finance Minister asking for this legislation to be withdrawn.